Some popular Irish drinks - Give them a try !

Gerry Costello


YOU WILL NEED Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee Glass or wine glass

Kettle to boil water

Dessert spoon

Small jug

Side plate and paper napkin per person to present


One measure of Irish whiskey

One or two teaspoons of white sugar (depending on taste)

Coffee (1 cupful)


1. Make a jug of coffee. You can use either filter coffee or instant coffee.

2. Boil the kettle and put the spoon in your glass (to stop it cracking) and pour in boiling water to heat the glass then throw this water away

3. Put one or two teaspoons of sugar into the warm glass

4. Fill the glass about two thirds with the hot coffee

5. Stir well to disolve the sugar

6. Add one measure (a capful) of Irish whiskey. If you don’t have Irish whiskey, just add another whiskey of your choice

7. Stir again

8. Half fill your jug with boiling water and put the dessert spoon in it to heat. Heating the spoon will make the pouring of the cream easier

9. Turn heated spoon with curve upwards and lightly touch the side of the glass at the level of the liquid.

10. Pour the cream over the spoon carefully and quickly

11. Serve


~ You can whip the cream lightly first and then simply spoon it very carefully on top of the coffee and whiskey

~ If you don’t like the taste of the Irish Coffee using whiskey you can use brandy or Baileys Irish Cream instead. Yes, they are not Irish Coffees but they look the same. For an extra special variation use a half measure of brandy and a half measure of Baileys Irish Cream.



This is a cocktail that tastes very moreish but is lethal if you take too many of them! So handle with care! It must be downed in one to enjoy the flavour which is tastes like mint, orange chocolate. That said, it looks very pretty and is great to serve if having say an Irish night or for an Irish celebration like St. Patrick’s Day. It looks complicated to get right but all it takes is a little care. Pour each of the three components slowly and carefully and the drinks won’t mix and you will end up with the three colours of the Irish flag in separately and clearly.


~ A glass which is about 3 to 4 inches high and slim. A sherry glass is fine.


~ Creme de MentheIrish Flag Cocktail

~ Baileys Irish Cream (or other cream liqueur

~ Grand Marnier


1. Line up the three bottles of alcohol and have the tops of the bottles removed so you can work smoothly.

2. Pour in the Creme de Menthe to a third of the glass.

3. Tilt the glass slightly and pour the cream liqueur carefully down the side of the glass to another third level.

4. Keep the glass tilted slightly and add the Grand Marnier for the final third of the glass.

5. Brace yourself … and …DOWN IN ONE!






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