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An Irish Girl by Tom McCabe

 Here is the awesome song that my cousin Tom wrote for his mom, Delia. He mentions many aspects of her life growing up in Clooncurreen, Co. Galway. Here’s a note from his daughter Becca and the lyrics: ”My dad, Tom McCabe, wrote this song for Delia McCabe’s (my grandma) 90th birthday. My sister Becca is playing the keyboard and my sister Christine is playing the flute. :) ” Here are the lyrics:

Click here to view Tom performing the song

An Irish Girl

A child of the land of her fathers,
Daughter of fields and of streams
No matter how far she may wander in this world,
She’ll always remain in her dreams……………….An Irish Girl

Walking to school every morning,
Through fields touched with green and with gold
By winding roads bound with hedges and stone walls
Beauty that cannot be told………………………….An Irish Girl

Hauling a full pail of water
From the well at the end of the road
She learned at a young age the meaning of family
With everyone sharing their load……………….An Irish Girl

Like the rolling dark mists of the bog land
Her mood can be easily turned
Like the shamrock used by St. Patrick himself
A myst’ry not easily learned……………………An Irish Girl

As a daughter she learned of the strength of the stone in the castle field
As a sister she laughed with the music of the church bells as they pealed
As a wife she loved with the softness of the rain in the near high land
As a mother she cared with the closeness of a loving Irish hand.

Old Ireland is surely a blest land
And you its daughter blest, too.
With beauty and strength, wisdom and grace
Qualities that all make you………………..An Irish Girl



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  • Just wanted to say what a wonderful website you have for Skehana. All practical information and history of a rural landscape. Do continue this really important work that you are doing. We need more of this around the country.

    By Owen Kenny (28/06/2016)

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