Macale family of Corrandoo & Monivea

Through genealogical research, Dion Macale has traced some of his ancestors back to the Monivea area.

Dion Macale

Hi there,

My name is Dion Macale and I am located in Western Australia.

Through genealogical research, I have traced some of my ancestors back to Monivea. It would seem my ancestor, Richard Macale, was employed as a foreman for Robert Ffrench (1716-1779), as he developed his flax business. I have copies of newspaper advertisements from 1756 that seem to back this. Richard appears to have been buried in the grounds of Athenry Abbey.

Richard’s sons, James and Richard, were employed by Robert Ffrench’s younger son, also Robert, after he inherited the Monivea estates, in the late 18th century. They worked as his agents and estate managers. I recently obtained day to day records of financial transactions, carried out by James and Richard, on Roberts’ behalf between 1796 and 1814. It is a fascinating insight into land records of the time.

The Macale family appear to have been leased Corrandoo House and a number of other farms for three generations (refer to the legal case of French V Macale, 1842). They appear to have independently purchased a number of other farms in the region, including Kilbeg, Anabeg, Carroferrickeen and Derrydonnelbeg amongst others.

As their prospects rose, the Macale’s married into the Burke, O’brien and Eyre families during the early 19th century, but this appears to have been the peak of their power, and they seem to disappear from the local Monivea record after 1869. Two descendants emigrated to Australia in 1850, where they became quite prominent pioneer pastoralists.

Attached is the will of James Macale, dated 1810 – he counts Sir Thomas Burke of Marble Hill, Robert French and his son Richard as his friends and executors.

I don’t know if the Macale family originated from the Monivea area, from within County Galway, or further afield. Hopefully someone might have some local knowledge locked away!

I will update this with more specific information and records over the next few days.

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  • Thank you for sharing. The Macales are not ancestral to me (my local-area line is Mannion), but I enjoyed the insights into early 19th-century estate matters.

    By Patrice (18/04/2017)

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