Big Houses of County Galway

Images, families and locations of 'Big Houses' in Co. Galway. Some are no longer extant.

Format: House Title - Family Name(s) - Jimmy Laffey.

This page was added on 27/03/2017.

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  • Maith Thu, Seamus/Jimmy

    Very comprehensive;-
    obviously a labour of love.

    By Riocard Browne (24/03/2021)
  • Thank you Riocard, hope all is well with you. I will get back to you shortly to complete our little essay on the Browne’s. Best regards, Jimmy.

    By jlaffey (24/03/2021)
  • Well done Jimmy,

    Very comprehensive coverage of Galway’s Big Houses. I going to bookmark this page!!

    Mike O’Grady (Pipe)

    By Michael O'Grady (21/09/2017)
  • Thanks Mike. My intention is to upload the balance of my collection over the coming weeks and then try to find others to enhance the collection.

    By jlaffey (21/09/2017)
  • Just come across your site. Wonderful photos, inevitably rather sad, but there were so many events and of course the usual lack of money that meant the end of so many houses. I have a connection to Hollypark near Loughrea.A great, great, great Aunt married a Blake. I went there when I was about 8,and the White brother and sister were living there.

    By Michael Thomas (06/04/2017)
  • Hello Michael and many thanks for logging on and commenting. In 1894, Slater referred to it as the seat of Col. M.P. Blake while by 1906, as you so rightly remind us, Maria C. White held the mansion house at Hollypark.

    By jlaffey (06/04/2017)
  • Most interesting, several buildings known. Have put up a Facebook post contrasting the two Dunmores.

    By William Lambton (03/04/2017)
  • Thanks William and some interesting observations posted by you on Facebook. We have included some current images for comparison purposes and in most cases they show the level of dereliction.

    By jlaffey (03/04/2017)

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